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All about Narrative

The Golden Swan

Structure Text Language Features Orientation Long time ago, there lived a King. He was lazy and liked all the comforts of life. He never carried out his duties as a King. “Our King does not take care of our needs. He also ignores the affairs of his kingdom." The people complained. Action verb Who? Where? When? Mental verb Complication One day, the King went into the forest to hunt. After having wandered for quite sometime, he became thirsty. To his relief, he spotted a lake. As he was drinking water, he suddenly saw a golden swancome out of the lake and perch on a stone. “Oh! A golden swan. I must capture it," thought the King. 

But as soon as he held his bow up, the swan disappeared. And the King heard a voice, “I am the Golden Swan. If you want to capture me, you must come

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